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Previous Productions

With a mixture of puppetry, movement, and dance, nine performers enact this timeless classic of myth of marvel.

A fresh revival of a classic of gay contemporary theater, when a night of revelry reveals dark truths about the lives of nine men.

A thrilling adaptadion of Garcia Lorca's timeless tragedy performed in the newly constructed Port Park in Chelsea.

A sexy sleek interpretation of a timeless classic about politics, power, and loyalty. There's also stabbing. Oh, is there stabbing.

The Office meets Lord of the Flies as four unlucky managers on a leadership retreat find themselves marooned on a tiny island.

Naughty children get their deadly comeuppance in this rock extravaganze featuring live music from Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys.

Not to be confused with Shakespeare, this bittersweet "play with songs" follows two aimless Scots in a whirlwind romance of ruined nuptials, stolen cash, and Japanese rope bondage.

This award winning production tells the story of impossible love and the perserverance of the human spirit in the midst of Nazi Germany.

Three idiots, two hours, and the collected works of the Bard himself. What could go wrong?

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