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By David Greig and Gordon MacIntyre

Apollinaire Theatre - Chelsea Theatre Works - Chelsea, MA. July 8-26th, 2015

"This production’s charm emerges from the considerable talents of Jones and Reeves, and the guidance of Danielle Fauteux Jacques’s firm and fast-paced direction. From the moment we meet Helena, a divorce lawyer who is dating a married man, and Bob, a petty crook and would-be singer/songwriter, Jones and Reeves capture our attention and never let go...

What gives their performances even more heft is the duo’s ability to portray every other character in this busy play, including a sister, a nephew, a crime boss named Big Tiny Tom, and a security guard, to name just a few...

Jones and Reeves are fearless and indefatigable in these roles, delivering Gordon McIntyre’s modest songs with gusto..

In fact, the combination of Jones’s and Reeves’s performances, with Greig’s sly humor, leaves audiences with a warm “Midsummer” glow."

Terry Byrne, The Boston Globe ​

"The performances by both actors are terrific as well, including some convincing accent work with the sometimes difficult Scottish accent (think "Trainspotting"). In addition to playing Bob and Helena, the actors jump into an assortment of characters (credit director Danielle Fauteux Jacques for making the difficult reality changes appear seamless) without skipping a beat. Reeves is a scream as nephew Brendan..."

Mike Hoban, Events Insider

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"The actors that Director Danielle Fauteux Jacques has chosen for this two-hander could not have been better cast.  Courtland Jones as Helen - and a few other characters - and Brooks Reeves as Bob - and a few other characters - are perfect in their execution individually and in the chemistry they convey." 

Al Chase, White Rhino Report

"Fauteax Jacques has the perfect cast. Courtland Jones and Brooks Reeves portray all the zany characters in this ninety minute romp: They play the mismatched lovers, their hysterical relatives, a peeved mobster and an upper class body part who sounds like John Cleese. (That’s all I’ll say about that.)... Reeves is one of the best actors in town, hands down. His manic ten year old is a thing of beauty. I’d see the play again just to see that spectacular meltdown. And his Big Tiny Tom, not to mention all of his hilarious inner thoughts—I’m still in stitches."

Beverly Creasey, Boston Arts Review

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