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Blood Wedding

By Frederico Garcia Lorca

Apollinaire Theatre - Port Park - Chelsea, MA. July 8-26th, 2015

" A second mise en scène introduces Brooks Reeves’s Death. Reeves, very fine in the role, hints at a diabolical villain — a malevolent bag of bones who deals out doom with capricious whimsy — before settling into a familiar, if still disquieting, ghoulish figure.."

Jeremy D. Goodwin, The Boston Globe ​

"Called on to embody the elemental forces of the Moon and Death respectively, Liz Adams and Brooks Reeves provide physically stylized performances: Adams’ extended limbs evoke the crescent; Reeves’ takes on a twisted visage as Death, which arrives disguised in the theophany of a beggar woman with gnarled, grasping fingers."

Ian Thal, Fuse Theater Review

"Brooks Reeves in the role of Death added a nice touch of improvisational theater top the proceedings as he shouted instructions to the sky, attempting to silence an offending departing airplane. "

Al Chase, The White Rhino Report

Based on a true story of love and betrayal, Blood Wedding is a powerful and innovative modern classic.  Lorca wrote this poetic exploration of the conflict between individual desires and social conventions years after reading a newspaper account of a young bride in Andalusia who abandoned her husband on their wedding day to escape with her childhood sweetheart.  

Lorca’s tale of ill-fated romance unfolds with the fire and power characteristic of his work.  The force of love and primal desire battle the weight of history, themes that are particularly resonant given his own tragically short life.

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