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The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged

By Adam Long, Daniel Singer, and Jess Winfield

The Hub Theatre Company of Boston - Club Cafe- Boston, MA. July 18-August 2nd, 2014

"While the script is great and Lauren Elias' direction is skillful (directing three actors on a tiny stage through all of Shakespeare, even abridged, is no small feat), the actors, while sometimes breathless from the constant costume changes, spur the show and humor to life with somehow endless energy. Brooks Reeves' talent shines through the silliness; he has previously performed with Apollinaire Theatre Company (Stupid F#@king Bird, From White Plains), Brown Box Theatre Project (Two Wrongs), Bridge Rep (The Libertine), and other Boston area theaters. Reeves delivers monologues about "manly men in pink tights" and how the show is like "Shakespearean jihad" with the passion and precision that comes with being a seasoned performer."

Sarah Chantal Parro, Talkin' Broadway ​

"Brooks Reeves is the glue holding the ensemble together even if he’s only a “pre” eminent Shakespearean scholar...Spirited banter with the audience keeps you on your toes, while pop culture references, (especially one that compares the fate of a Shakespearean character to a former contestant on “Ru Paul’s Drag Race”) make it feel contemporary."

Nick Dussault, Boston Metro

"Brooks Reeves, a highly excitable, scholarly and funny performer whose Scottish accent was arguably better than his American. All three had the necessary and yet rare ability to expertly read the audience and each other, and adapt. These were actors who thought and performed on their toes the entire ninety minutes."

Alex Lonati,


In this outrageously endearing play, three brave actors blaze a trail through all 37 of the Bard’s works in a 90 minute performance that will leave you falling out of your seat with laughter. This is truly a show for Shakespeare lovers and haters alike!  However, please note that due to the fast-paced, side-splitting nature of this performance it is not recommended for patrons with heart ailments, bladder control problems or Ph.D.s in English history.
Hub co-founder Lauren Elias directs a trio of Boston's finest and funniest actors, Patrick Curran, William J. Moore, and IRNE award nominee Brooks Reeves in this sophisticatedly silly romp through Shakespeare’s comedies, tragedies, histories and everything in between! 

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