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Julius Caesar

By William Shakespeare

Bridge Repertory Theater - Boston Center for the Arts. May 9th-30th, 2015.

"D'Ambrosio casts against type in her portrayal of Julius Caesar, the megalomaniac whose hubris plants terror in the hearts of free-thinking men. Brooks Reeves is one of the most generous and unpretentious actors in the city. Because he's so precise in his motivation, so clear in his intentions and action, Reeves makes everyone in the cast work harder. An actor will look like an ass if he reaches into a histrionic bag of tricks with Reeves on stage."

Michael Cox, Edge Media Network ​

"Brooks Reeves’ Caesar had incredible stage presence, dominating all three of the scenes the eponymous character is present in. Humorous in his surprising lack of glibness, menacing despite physical slightness, this leader is as full of neuroses as he is full of charisma and the personal touch with the common people. Reeves captured this complexity and shouldered the historical baggage of the character gracefully."

Fabiana Cabral, Joyces Choices

The strongest part of the production was most certainly the cast, which was stacked with talented and knowledgeable up and comers, all of whom delivered in this high-energy production. Leading the team was an incredibly charmingJoe Short as Brutus, a nuanced and terrifyingly funny Brooks Reeves as Julius Caesar (yes, he somehow made the role hilarious in its cruelty), and a passionate and wildly complex John Tracey as Cassius."

Jules Becker, ​

"Bridge Rep's Producing Artistic Director Olivia D'Ambrosio makes her directing debut (professionally, anyway), and gets the most out of her performers, led by Brooks Reeves as the doomed Caesar, Joe Short as the conflicted Brutus, and Tiffany Nicole Greene as Marc Antony.... Reeves gives a layered performance as the man who would be king."

Mike Hoban, Events Insider


Julius Caesar is head of all of the Roman Empire, but several Senators fear he has grown too powerful, and so conspire to assassinate him. At once timely and timeless, this play explores everything from honor, patriotism and friendship, to the dilemma of the public versus private selves, to the destructive nature of jealousy, to the fickleness of the populace.


Producing Artistic Director Olivia D'Ambrosio's stripped-down staging places emphasis on making the language accessible, and on engaging the audience’s imagination. 

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