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Boys in the Band

By Matt Crowley

Zeitgeist Stage Company - Boston Center for the Arts. September 11-Oct 3rd, 2015

"Under the sharp-eyed, perceptive direction of David Miller, whose gift for coaching actors is unsurpassed, the ensemble of men deliver uniquely individual performances... Shopov leads the group in his complex portrayal of a tortured man, but Reeves as the innocent lamb with different emotional needs matches him with his quiet but succint characterization."

Iris Fanger, The Herald News ​

"Alan is clearly in crisis and Brooks Reeves is the living, breathing manifestation of a man on the edge of knowing and not knowing who he is. As Alan gradually absorbs the gay milieu in which he finds himself, he almost appears to implode from the restrained intensity of his performance.."

Joyce Kulhawk, Joyces Choices

"Equally amazing is Brooks Reeves' finely modulated performance as Alan. Reeves has the right complexity as conflicted Alan-whose attraction to straight-appearing Hank seems to counter his abusive attitude towards Emory. "

Jules Becker, ​

Premiering in 1968, a full year before the Stonewall Riots in New York, this brutally honest play gave theater goers a glimpse beyond the closet doors into the lives of nine men trying fitfully to live their lives in a society that spurns their identity. Michael is hosting a birthday party for his "frenemy", Harold, when an old and ostensibly straight college friend, Alan, stumbles into the festivities with grim results for all involved. The play stradles the line between comic and tragic, realism and camp, to tremendous effect. Mounting this revival, Zeitgeist Stage explores just how far we've come in five decades and how much things stay the same.

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